Today's Security Landscape - 2023


Every day a serious security or cybersecurity incident is reported in the media. In virtually every case, individuals or customers are impacted. Needless to say, a severe business or reputational impact is the end result.

In the last five years a number of technology trends have become common place. These include, more complex Application Infrastructures, Public Clouds, Global Outsourcing, Highly Mobile Workforces, Increased interconnections to external business partners, deployment of IoT Devices and critical 24/7 operations. While these trends have improved business agility and lowered costs, they have also placed severe stress on existing security architectures.

Bad actors, hackers, and nation states are making use of sophisticated attack techniques for profit and doing so on a large scale. Many attacks are simply not detected in sufficient time to adequately react and respond.

New technologies including Machine Learning, sophisticated Analytics have entered the domain. Coupled with new architectural techniques such as Zero-Trust, effective solutions can be achieved if carefully selected, designed, executed and operationalised.

Neon-Knight Consulting is deeply concerned about these problems and understand the challenges businesses are facing. The solution landscape is complex. We are a specialist security, cybersecurity and networking consultancy who were formed to address these issues. We offer up-to-date expertise (circa 2023) to help business navigate through and execute practical solutions to address these challenges – this is our focus.

To achieve these goals, we have an intimate understanding of current attack techniques, security architecture and security control frameworks, approaches to defence and response.  We use proven consulting methodologies to work with businesses to achieve a set of recommendations to protect their information assets in alignment with their business and risk profiles.



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