Today's Security Landscape

It seems that every day a serious security or cybersecurity incident is reported in the media, often with a severe business impact for the organisations involved. Businesses are concerned about the security of their information assets.

In the last five years, the security landscape has changed and more importantly, it has changed dramatically in the last two. In the same time, information system architectures have continued to become both more complex, and more mission critical. The miscreant community, hackers, and nation states are making use of sophisticated attack techniques, on a large scale. Unfortunately many of traditional approaches to security are no longer sufficiently effective against many of these attacks.

In addition, businesses are wishing to adopt new technologies including mobile computing, and cloud based systems to make their businesses more agile and cost effective. While the business and cost benefits are very real, the security implications associated with the use of these technologies do require careful consideration.

Neon-Knight is deeply concerned about these problems and understand the challenges businesses are facing. We are a specialist security, cybersecurity and networking consultancy who were formed to address these issues. We offer up-to-date expertise (circa 2019) to help business navigate through these challenges – this is our focus.

To achieve these goals we have an intimate understanding of current attack techniques, security architecture and security control frameworks, approaches to defence and response.  We use proven consulting methodologies to work with businesses to achieve a set of recommendations to protect their information assets in alignment with their risk profile.