Services – Detailed List

Neon-Knight provides specialist consulting services in a variety of areas including Cybersecurity, Network Security Architecture. Our specific expertise areas are:


Cybersecurity Strategy Consulting

With businesses today possessing many critical digital assets and high impact security incidents being commonplace, executive management and boards need to have a clear understanding of the Cybersecurity risks their organisation is facing. At the same time businesses need to have confidence that their Security infrastructure and operations are providing a safe, low risk environment in which to operate.

Cybersecurity is both a technically complex and constantly changing field. To mitigate these risks, a business investment is required. In some cases, this investment may be substantial. The decisions made within this strategy affect not only a capital investment, but more importantly the ongoing operational expenditure, which over time is normally many times that of the initial capital cost.

Throwing money at product in an attempt to solve the problem is one approach. However, more often than not, this approach does not achieve the desired outcome or results leaving the organisation exposed. Implementing a cost effective solution which meets business relevant goals is a far more difficult problem to solve. Achieving these goals requires current knowledge of a rapidly changing threat landscape, and navigating a path through a complex array of solution elements, products, vendor marketing messaging, vested interests and security standards.

An effective Cybersecurity solution needs to reduce risk to an acceptable level, while at the same time enabling efficient business operations. All to often security solutions fail, simply because they became a business impediment as opposed to enabling IT capabilities which allow an organisation to safely operate in a digital world.

A sound Cybersecurity strategy must provide a business assurance function. Neon Knight Consulting has many years of past experience in this area, while also being up-to-date with the current security landscape and also understanding the requirements to deal with future and emerging threats.


Network Security Architectures

Network security architecture considers both the architectural structure, as well as the individual security elements within an overall network architecture. These include firewalls, IPS, proxies, access lists, encryption technologies, remote access VPNs, etc.

Over the course of the last decade, the complexity of information systems have increased dramatically. In many cases the associated security architectures have also increased in complexity, in some cases to the point that they are difficult, complex, and expensive to maintain. A strong fundamental architecture is critical in achieving both the highest security posture, while being maintainable and allowing business agility.


Critical Infrastructure Security

The domain of cybersecurity has traditionally included a range of high-impact, but low probability security risks. A key focus area has been Critical Infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems and other critical systems. Cyber security risks, which in the past were considered a low likelihood, have today become very real and are causing great concern to many organisations. 


Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Security

Many organisations wish to realise the significant business benefits and cost savings which can be achieved though migration of information systems to the cloud or virtualised infrastructure. Cloud is an evolving technology and while cloud deployments offer significant cost benefits, the associated security considerations can be involved and require special consideration. 


Next Generation Security Technology and Security Analytics

A number of vendors are today offering ‘next generation’ product solutions. These include technologies such as Next Generation firewalls, Next Generation IPS, and new Analytic technologies. These technologies can achieve very significant improvements to the security posture of an organisation when properly deployed. We have significant experience in these technologies. We can advise on the hype and the reality and can offer practical deployment expertise to fully realise their potential.


Service Provider and Telco Security

This is a specialised consulting area focusing on the security risks specific to large-scale, high-speed Internet and Telco and Mobile infrastructure. In particular, the security and availability of the network itself, as opposed to the more traditional consideration of the information systems and assets connected to the network. We can offer specialist advice in relation to these issues, as well as the protection from, and mitigation of, Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Distributed- Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.


DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Mitigation Strategies

Many corporate and enterprise customers have either fallen victim to a DoS/DDoS attack, or are concerned about the business risk to online e-commerce services. While there are a number of good Telco and ISP based mitigation services available, they must work well with your own online services and be effective should an attack occur. Additionally, there are a number of design considerations applicable to the Internet edge which are necessary to limit the impact of these attacks.


Large Scale Network Architecture and Design

Our background includes traditional network architecture and design, including routing, switching, data centre networking, etc, in both corporate and Telco/SP environments.


Speaking Engagements

Neon Knight Consulting is available to speak at your engagements, or provide education sessions on a wide variety of Security or Networking related topics. We can also conduct tight