For those of you interested in the topic of Cybersecurity and Network Security Architecture. I have just posted two White Papers under Knowledge Base.

Background - My primary focus these days is keeping corporate and government networks protected within a constantly changing Threat Landscape. While there is a lot of very good information available on many aspects of Information Security, I could not find much good information on Network Security Architecture and Design, and definitely very little which is up-to-date. 

To help address this gap, I have written two White Papers on this subject area:

  • The first covers the fundamentals of Network Security Architecture. 
  • The second then moves on to discuss the changes in recent years, and what this means for Security Architectures in 2015 and going forward. In particular, I discuss Architectural Foundations and then look at 'operationalising' security, the need for a new mind set, the role of Analytics and considerations for deploying 'Cyber Kill Chains'. I have attempted to capture the big issues and provide a number of technological and policy recommendations.

Please view them under 'Knowledge Base' or via these links to the PDF versions:

White Paper 1 - The Fundamentals of Network Security Design - Download Here.

White Paper 2 - New Considerations for Network Security Design - 2015 - Download Here.

There is about 80 pages of information, with more in the works. I hope it is useful and welcome feedback.